PSG startled the entire audience by initiating Neymar Jr.’s release clause worth 222 million Euros. A transfer that was regarded as unfeasible at one point, has now become a substantial truth.
With the idolization of the sport increasing by the day, and with TV revenues on the rise, Neymar’s transfer can be expected to cause
heavy fervency in the market. This will consequently cause the value of players in Europe’s top 5 leagues to escalate and the clubs will most likely raise their monetary stipulations.
In light of these developments, here are the five players who could potentially beat Neymar’s transfer record if they were to migrate from their own clubs:


marco verratti most likely player to beat neymar's transfer record
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The PSG witnessed profound interest from Barcelona in signing Marco Verratti over the past few months, but they strongly believe that the midfielder is irreplaceable and has no value in the market; As known to all, the release clause in France is essentially a gentlemen’s agreement and hence. it is not mandatory for PSG president Nasser Al Khelaifi to auction off the Italian player, even if the Catalans were to come up with the highest bid.
If the time ever comes when the PSG are left with no other choice but to dispose off Verratti, then it would surely require a record-breaking transfer fee to persuade them to let him go.


cristiano ronaldo potential player to beat neymar's transfer record
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Real Madrid have been on a roll over the last few seasons from the Spanish League, to the UEFA Champions League, to the Fifa World Cup. I f it weren’t for Ronaldo, the Liga Giants would have had to struggle a little harder to win that amount of silverware. He has played a pivotal role in Real Madrid’s triumph, and Florentine Perez won’t let him go that easy.
Ronaldo’s release release clause is over a billion Euros. The only means by which one were to purchase his services would be by agreeing to reach a gentlemen’s agreement with the reigning champions of Europe.


suarez potential player to break neymar's transfer record
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Suarez has been a highly influential player for Real Madrid over the past one year, In spite of having a hard time demonstrating his worth under the instruction of Carlo Ancelotti and Rafa Benitez, he seems to have ultimately secured a safe spot in Zidane’s starting lineup.
In the later phases of La Liga and the Champions League, Suarez was one of the most crucial players who helped Real Madrid defeat Barca and at last, claim their first league title since 2013.
His release clause is over 700 million, and there isn’t a single club in the whole world that has that kind of financial power, enough to afford his transfer fee.
And if any club was ever to sign Suarez, Real Madrid would definitely demand an incredibly high fee, that would most probably exceed the amount PSG had to pay for Neymar.


marco asensio potential player to break neymar's transfer record
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It’s not too surprising to see why Asensio is regarded as a player with extraordinary potential in Spanish Football ever since he scored on his La Liga, Copa del Ray, Champions League and Spanish Super Cup debuts.
It may not be a cake walk to sway Real Madrid, enough for them to let go of a player who holds the capacity to contest for the Ballon d’Or in the approaching seasons.
So, unless a club is insane enough to lure him in with an unimaginable fee that exceeds the amount of 250 million Euros, he’s staying put.


lionel messi potential player to beat neymar's transfer recordThe Argentinian is regarded by many as the best footballer in the world. He has lead Barcelona to a great deal of reputable awards over the past few years, and is seen as the Catalan club’s most significant icon.
After Neymar’s move to PSG, it seems rather unreasonable that Barcelona would be willing to sell Messi at any cost.
His release clause is over 300 million Euros and his contract is valid till June 2018. Even though, he has mentioned, on quite a few occasions, that he hopes to retire at Barca, with the present, inefficient board in charge of the club, it won’t be surprising if they were to consider the thought of selling Messi in order to trigger a large sum of cash. If that happens, his transfer fee would certainly exceed that of Neymar’s.



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